East Ridge senior gymnast Megan Trollen won the all-around competition in a recent showdown with No. 1 Roseville. But injury kept three members of the No. 2-ranked Raptors out. They cheered for Trollen, who placed sixth in all-around at the Class AA state meet last season. She spoke with Star Tribune reporter David La Vaque about the Raptors.


Q: East Ridge was ranked No. 2 by the Star Tribune going into the season. How did that make your team feel?

A: We’re focusing on the team aspect this year, on having each others’ backs. So knowing that we’re sitting at No. 2, we really want to work as a team to stay toward the top.


Q: You competed against Roseville in the second meet of the season. How did you approach the challenge?

A: We worked our hardest and did our best although we did have three gymnasts out. We stayed together, and now we know what we’ll be seeing from them. We’re working hard for sections and state, and hopefully we’ll have another go at them.


Q: You won the all-around against Roseville. What was clicking for you?

A: I stuck my vault to start, and that was actually the first time I stuck my vault. Then I stuck my bars dismount so then I was really excited. It all kept going from there. The team was cheering, and I just felt super energized.


Q: Did having Roseville in the building raise your competitive level?

A: A little bit. But I really try to stay focused on myself and my team and not worry about what the other teams are doing.

David La Vaque