Minnesota's Kylie Bunbury may be back in the network lineup. The Prior Lake-raised actress will star in ABC's pilot for "Get Christie Love," a re-boot of the ground-breaking series.

Bunbury previously starred in "Pitch," the widely touted series about the first female Major League baseball player, launched by producer Dan Fogelman in 2016, the same year he offered up "This Is Us."

Many "experts," including me, thought Fox's "Pitch" would be a bigger hit than NBC's weepy drama. Wrong. "This Is Us" went on to be a smash hit; "Pitch" was scrubbed after one season..

That cancellation has freed up Bunbury to take on the possible series' title role as a female CIA agent who leads an elite ops unit. One of the show's producers is Vin Diesel.

The original "Get Christie Love" only lasted one season itself, but it made the history books for being the first one-hour drama led by a black actress (Teresa Graves) when it debuted in 1974. It remained the only network show to do so until ABC's "Scandal" debuted in 2012.

Bunbury was born in Canada, but largely raised in Prior Lake, which she still considers home. She is the daughter of Alex Bunbury, a member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame, and big sis to Major League Soccer player Teal Bunbury.