Since when does Prince let his drummer’s hometown come before his own?

The Funk Assassin of Chanhassen has announced that his Hit and Run Tour -- which popped up all over Europe last summer -- will now be rolling across the United States. For the first date on the trek next weekend, he and his band 3rdEyeGirl will run to Louisville, Ky., home of drummer Hannah Welton. There’s no word on where they’ll go next. There’s not even confirmation on which Louisville venue (or venues?) will get them.

Sort of a more extreme version of normal procedure for the former Bryant Junior High baller, the details of the Hit and Run shows are being kept under wraps even as tickets are scheduled to go on sale Monday at 10 a.m. During the European run, he would wait and announce the location of the gigs via Twitter and Facebook. That seems fine, except for one little problem: Prince has since taken down his Twitter and Facebook accounts and apparently sworn off social media. So maybe fans can expect the news via carrier pigeons (or doves?).

The Purple Faithful will jump on the tickets regardless. Set lists on the European Hit and Run Tour – technically titled Hit and Run Part II, since he did a similar trek in 2000 – featured many old classics not often played in recent years (click here for a sample list from Paris).

Photo: Prince's London performances in February 2014 were the first of many across Europe last year. / Associated Press/NPG Records