It's April, and we haven't yet been hit with any big surprises from Prince this year -- until today, when he was added as a headliner for the ├╝ber-trendy Coachella Music Festival.

The rest of the Coachella lineup -- happening April 25-27 in Indio, Calif. -- was announced back in January, and it was widely considered lackluster compared with past years. Prince might have been brought in to raise interest. Jack Johnson and Roger Waters headline the other nights, with other acts including Portishead, the Verve, Raconteurs, Death Cab for Cutie and My Morning Jacket.

Performances at Coachella often preclude summer tours, as was the case when Madonna joined the lineup at the last minute in 2006. Prince's only other confirmed date of the year so far is in Dublin on June 16.