Yesterday WCCO's Jason DeRusha had a parent/teacher conference at his 4 year old son's preschool.

He came back and wrote a fun DeBlog post on the "Preschool Teacher Translator" 

Here are just a few of the words to watch for....

"concerned about his classmates" = tattletale
"popular" = bossy
"shares" = steals toys, then returns them

You can read the full list  here on Jason's DeBlog: Preschool Teacher Translator

Our conference is coming up in a few weeks - I will have to keep an eye out for those buzzwords.  

May shared with him that "slight"  = short. 

I shared that at our last conference we were told Ben was a  "robust contributor to conversation"  ie: won't. stop. talking.

(Hmmm... I  personally know  few "robust contributors to conversation" at work and socially. Wonder if I can subtly work that  phraseinto a 360 performance evaluation or a conversation? )


Do you have any additional words to add to the Preschool Teacher Translator?