You know when a soccer player, using his or her guile to get free, creates a potential scoring opportunity only to see the play whistled dead because they were judged to be offside? A group of coaches eager to make a state tournament happen this year knows the feeling. Last week, Edina girls' soccer coach Katie Aafedt submitted a proposal to the Minnesota State High School League seeking a reversal of the league's Oct. 1 decision (by a 10-8 vote) to prohibit any sort of culminating event for all fall sports beyond the section playoffs. In a letter representing a "large group of coaches" from both boys' and girls' teams in Class 1A and 2A, Aafedt presented a six-day tournament plan running Oct. 26-31 that would produce the traditional four state champions. Metro area turf field sites were secured. COVID-19 related safety measures, the same ones teams followed the entire fall season, were in place. And ticket prices of $10-$15 were established to offset costs. The league's reply came Tuesday morning: No can do. An e-mail from executive director Erich Martens read, in part, "At this time, our Board has made the decision to maintain a focus on a postseason that is based locally, concludes at the section level, and is in alignment with the recommendation of the Minnesota Department of Health to reduce the gathering of individuals, especially from a variety of communities." Aafedt took exception to Martens stating that the league's board of directors must continue "demonstrating consistency of application of its decisions." Section playoffs for both boys' and girls' soccer began Monday and run through Oct. 22. Higher seeded teams will host. "They fall back on travel and what the Minnesota Department of Health says and yet, you could have section games where Brainerd, Duluth or Rochester teams could be coming to the Twin Cities or vice versa," Aafedt said. Aafedt and others have made the case for their proposal via social media channels, including pictures of potential state tournament brackets. The posts state, "Whether or not we advance, every player deserves a chance to play in a state tournament." Martens' reply letter included, "Your work in considering ways in which a tournament might be feasible are appreciated and do not differ greatly than models considered by the MSHSL, yet at this time, the Board has made the decision to complete the season at the section level."