This is tough for Justin Morneau because he's from British Columbia and rooted for the Blue Jays as a kid,

But it looks like he won't play here this week.

The Twins intend to shut Morneau down, claiming that he is worn down physically and mentally after a long season.

The Twins feel he's done enough to distance himself from two seasons of concussion symptoms and various surgeries and should just focus on going into what will be his first offseason without rehabilitation in a few years.

"If I have to use him I can put him out there, but if it's not a good situation, I'd rather not," Gardenhire said. "Let him finish it up here, watching. Maybe use him as pinch hitter. But he's been through a lot. We're not going to kill him any more."

If he doesn't play again, Morneau will finish with a .267 batting average, 19 homers and 77 RBI in his first full season since 2009. He also will finish with a 0-for-15 skid to end the year, which might have factored into the decision. But his wrist has bothered him on and off during the season and indications are that it's affecting his swing now.

"Physically, I'm just not able to swing the bat the way I want to," Morneau said. "If I believed we had a better chance at winning if I was swinging the way I'm capable of, it would be a different story.

"I'm fighting for my life every time I swing. I don't think it's helpful to anyone to do that."

Morneau said he's looking forward to having the first normal offseason in a while.