“Going, going, gone, another beautiful Maui sunset,” my sister wrote on her Facebook page. To bolster her case, she included pretty images of a sun sinking into the ocean.
You know what’s “going, going, gone” here, in the land of subfreezing temps? Feeling in my fingertips. I don’t have touchscreen-ready gloves, so to see her post, I had to expose my fingertips to winter’s blast, unprotected. But it was a sight I willingly suffered to see.
I’m not one of those people who dislike Instagram and Facebook posts of friends boasting of escapes from the cold. There is a veritable flurry of these in February. Legs stretch out on lounge chairs, glistening from a recent dip in the pool. Umbrellas perch in tropical drinks with the ocean as a backdrop. Sand-soaked children pose on a beach towel. These kinds of photos actually warm my heart (if not my fingers).
But they also stir concern. Posts like these announce to the world that you aren’t at home.
I know the seduction of instantly conveying the great fun you’re having on vacation. I’ve done it myself. But the smartest approach is to wait until you’re back at home. Then post to your heart’s content, when the reminiscing will warm your heart, too.