Q: We loved “Moonlighting” back in the ’80s and wanted to watch the series again. Is it available?

A: While someone has posted what looks like the entire series on YouTube, “Moonlighting” is not on another streaming or cable service that I can find, and even the available copies of the DVD sets are expensive. That may surprise a lot of folks since the show was a hit during much of its 1985-89 run, making a star of Bruce Willis and amping up Cybill Shepherd’s career. But in a lament over the series’ unavailability, Dave Holmes of Decider.com thought, “This is probably due to the many music cues the show used. ... Those songs ain’t cheap.” While some shows have been reissued without their original music, Holmes said “Moonlighting” “simply wouldn’t work” without its tunes.

Greater ‘Exposure’?

Q: Our favorite ’90s TV program was the warm but quirky “Northern Exposure.” I heard a rumor there may be a reboot or spinoff in the works? It would be perfect for these difficult times.

A: The comedy-drama about a doctor working in a strange Alaska town had many pleasures during its 1990-95 run. It’s not surprising there have been calls for its return or rebooting. Talk was especially intense in 2018, but nothing was actually produced. Rob Morrow, who starred in the series for most of its run, said in a November 2019 interview on WGN radio that a reboot was still in the works. “It is a struggle” to make it happen, he said, “and I don’t know why.”


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