University of Minnesota police are looking for a new suspect in Monday’s attempted armed robbery in Anderson Hall after the first suspect, captured on a surveillance image, turned out to be unconnected to the crime.

The image of the new suspect, also captured on surveillance video by one of the Twin Cities’ campus’ 1,700 security cameras, appears to be a young black man wearing a light-colored winter coat and dark tennis shoes.

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday afternoon, University Police Chief Greg Hestness said overall crime levels on and near the Minneapolis campus are not above normal, despite a number of high-profile robberies and assaults since early August.

The Minneapolis campus and adjacent neighborhoods have had 17 robberies so far this fall; most years that number rises to 22, he said. The recent cases have been disturbing because victims have been injured in some of the more aggressive robberies, he said.

“Statistically, and in reality, our campus remains very, very safe,” he said.

He also said he worried that robbers target the U’s sprawling urban campus, knowing they’re likely to find students carrying smartphones and other valuable technology.