I do believe there are times when it's a good move to drop down a bunt. I don't like little ball early in games when a team is trying to get an early lead. And I don't like it when .332 hitters are spitting on their own average by squaring around with two men on and one run down in the eighth inning.

But Jorge Polanco tried to bunt for a hit while moving the runners over Monday. The bunt worked, and he actually made it a close play at first. But a Polanco hit might tie the game. A Polanco extra-base hit (he entered the game tied for the AL lead) might score two runs.

It didn't happen, and it cost the Twins an out. Now, if Nelson Cruz hit at least a fly ball it allows Jonathan Schoop to tag and score. That didn't happen. And Eddie Rosario chopped out to end the inning.

"I think you can always lean on taking your chances with him swinging the bat," manager Rocco Baldelli said. But we all also trust our guys. ... In the heat of the game, he made a decision and I support him."