"War is F**king Awesome."

That is the grabby title of the latest work by Obie-winning playwright Qui Nguyen (above). It will get a staged reading Monday at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis. "Awesome" is the first of five monthly readings of new works that will be presented in the center's 2012-13 Ruth Easton new play series.

Actors Stephen Cartmell, Sun-Mee Chomet, Nathan Christopher, Shawn Hamilton, Aditi Kapil, Sara Richardson, and Bruce Young play the parts in this work which is being directed by Robert Ross Parker.

The play is about the secret life of a regular mom named Unity, who once was an army of one. A Vietnamese-American artist, Nguyen sends up war genre movies such as "Rambo" and "Platoon" and explores martial themes.

"Awesome" will have its workshop reading on Monday, Dec. 3, 7 p.m. at the Playwrights Center, 2301 E. Franklin Av., Minneapolis. Tickets are free but reservations are required, 612-332-7481 x110.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Nov. 29, Mu Performing Arts launches its New Eyes Festival of new works. The line-up includes Dan Sach Le's "Saigon Sisters," a piece inspired by Chekhov's "Three Sisters" (7 p.m. Thu.). It will be directed by Rick Shiomi.

Julia Cho's "The Language Archive," about a linguist who is at a loss for words when his wife leaves him, is next in the line-up. The reading, which takes place 7 p.m. Fri., will be directed by Sun Mee Chomet.

The New Eyes festival also includes Richard Kim's "The Magnificent Marginal Man," about an Asian-American superhero (2 p.m. Sat.); two one-act plays by Kristine M. Reyes (7 p.m. Sat.); Marisa Marquez's "Cyber Fishing," a farce about the pressure to marry on a Filipino family (1 p.m. Sun.).

The festival will be at the Mu Performing Arts studio, 2700 NE Winter St., Minneapolis. Please note that this address has proved to be wonky with map searches. The theater recommends 2850 Winter St. NE, Mpls. for online users or that patrons get directions from its site. There is a $5 suggested donation. Questions? 651-789-1012.