Jay Applebaum, father of new State Representative Jon Applebaum took a photo of the voting board with his son's name on it before the session start.

Rep. Chris Swedzinski posed for a photo with his wife Jessica, mother in law Yvonne and his kids Winifred, 6, Hildy, 4, Adeline 3 and Harry 1.

Rep. Dean Urdahl was among the House members sworn in tody, with his grandchildren Mason, seated, Bernadette, 2 and Veronica, 1, held by Dean's wife Karen.

Rep. Kurt Daudt checked his tie as the vote was taken that would elect him House Speaker.

Rep. Kurt Daudt received applause and congratulations moments after being elected House Speaker. 

Rep. Kurt Daudt got a hug and a kiss from his mom Carol on his way up to the podium after being elected House Speaker. On the left is nephew Nicholas and sister Melissa.