As the lockdown loosens and the kind May days unfurl, you'll probably want to spend less time in front of the TV. Longer dog walks await. But what if you have an old pooch whose creaky joints might not want an hour's perambulation?

DOGTV. It's an entire TV channel for dogs. The videos are selected to appeal to dogs' visual interests, including slo-mo drone shots of landscapes, which are lovely, as are the dogs featured in the videos. Perhaps they have a calming effect on your dog.

The channel also has videos explicitly aimed at the two-legs: You can catch up on the exploits of a dog who sums up the quarantine period nicely: Soda, the Wine-Delivering Dog.

There's science, too. The channel features discussions about pets and COVID-19, as well as training tips and meal-prep shows.

They're offering a free 14-day trial, so you can see whether your dog responds to the videos. Maybe you like it more than your pooch. Entirely fair: you're the one paying for it.

For more info on the channel and limited trial, go to

James Lileks

Dogs and chains

In some parts of the country, fenced yards are uncommon, so some people keep their dogs on chains, but dogs should not be tied out for long periods. Dogs that spend their lives on chains become isolated and frustrated and are more likely to become dangerous, biting anyone who comes onto their turf. Chaining can be dangerous for the dog, too: There are countless cases where a dog tried to jump a fence, didn't have enough chain to clear it and ended up hanging itself from its collar. If you don't have a fenced yard, walking your dog or buying a kennel run where he can hang out is better than chaining it outside.

Best bunny condos

Bunnies need lots of space to live comfortably. Their quarters should have room for a litter box, food and water bowls, a digging area, toys and hay for resting and nesting. A bunny condo can be long or have multiple stories, but it should always have enough space for your rabbit to be able to stand on his hind legs and stretch up. An exercise pen or other play area is important, too. Choose one with plenty of head room, plus a roof to keep escape-artist bunnies safely inside.

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