A 17-year-old from Minneapolis charged in a group attack on a man outside of Target Field this summer alleges he was called a racial slur before he blacked out and attacked the victim, according to a petition to certify him as an adult.

Dashawn A. Sanders was charged as a juvenile last month in Hennepin County District Court with one count of first-degree robbery and third-degree riot. However, prosecutors dismissed the case against him and refiled the same juvenile case, then moved to certify him as an adult.

According to the petition, Sanders told police that the victim had called him by the slur, causing Sanders to become angry and black out.

Minneapolis police declined to comment on the allegation, saying the case has been charged and that questions should be addressed by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

The county attorney's office also declined to comment on the allegation, when it was said and what role it allegedly played in the Aug. 3 attack.

Authorities have charged at least 20 suspects in two brutal attacks that appeared to randomly target people in downtown Minneapolis who were vulnerable because they were alone, intoxicated or distracted.

According to the petition: Surveillance footage captured the attack.

The victim was surrounded by several attackers, who punched him, threw him to the ground, threw planters on him, jumped on him, ripped off his pants and shoes and ransacked his pockets. The victim was also run over with a bicycle.

Police said Sanders identified himself as one of the suspects captured on surveillance camera. He said the victim used a racial slur; the charges did not specify when the slur was allegedly used during the encounter.

"[Sanders] admitted pushing Victim, and said he could have hit Victim, but does not remember," the charges said. "[Sanders] admitted going into Victim's pockets, but then stopping himself."

The victim told police the suspects stole his iPhone X and bag.

He said he broke a tooth and suffered bruising to his head, chest, arms and legs. He also reported having double vision, ringing in his ears, difficulty walking and difficulty moving his hands and finger because of the attack.

The victim also told police he thought he was going to be sexually assaulted after the attackers took off his pants. Authorities previously said about 12 attackers were involved.

Some suspects were charged last month in a second attack on a lone victim Aug. 17 near 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue. One suspect is charged in both attacks.