A day after missing practice because of a calf injury, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said he'll return to practice this afternoon and will play on Sunday at Kansas City.

"I'm feeling good," he said in the locker room today. "Just a little rest [on Wednesday]. I had a calf contusion. It's sore, but it's not really bothering me. It won't hinder me from playing. It won't stop me from playing."

Peterson said he got kicked in the calf right before halftime. It stiffened up after the game, he said.

"I got high tolerance for pain," Peterson said. "With a contusion, it's all about trying to flush it out and keep the muscle loose. Pain is only temporary. ... I'll be ready to roll on Sunday."

Linebacker E.J. Henderson wasn't in the locker room during the media access period. Practice starts in abouot 45 mintues, so we'll know then whether he's practicing. Henderson missed Wednesday's practice because of swelling in his left knee.

The swelling in his left knee is a common occurrence. He missed two days of practice two weeks ago and still played on Sunday.