On ESPN's "First Take" Wednesday — a show so shouty and generally awful that I stay away from it and generally advise you to do the same – it got SO SHOUTY AND AWFUL that I just couldn't look away.

The hot take that got things brewing: Co-host Max Kellerman called Adrian Peterson, the former Vikings running back who is now a free agent, a "souped-up Frank Gore." He tried to walk it back a little by clarifying that he meant it at this point of Peterson's career.

But it was too late. Fellow co-host Stephen A. Smith pounced like a hungry lion getting tossed a steak.

"YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!" Smith yelled.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND," Smith thundered.


"THAT'S A DISGRACE," Smith added later.

It was probably the most nuanced conversation in the history of the program.

Gore, by the way, has more career rushing yards than Peterson (13,065 to 11,747) and topped 1,000 yards last year in his age 33 season.