Backup center Nikola Pekovic is the first Timberwolves player to sign overseas during the lockout and don't be surprised a bit if Ricky Rubio does likewise.

According to European media reports, Pekovic did so with Partizan Belgrade in Serbia, agreeing to play there after he plays for his home country of Montenegro in the upcoming EuroBasket championship in Lithuania.

He has an opt-out clause that allows him to leave when a NBA labor agreement is reached.

Pekovic signed a three-year contract with the Wolves last summer.

Rubio is playing for Spain in the EuroBasket and very likely could sign back with his former Regal Barcelona team (which already is set at point guard for the upcoming season) or another Spanish club with the same arrangement if it continues to look like the lockout will be lengthy.

I think the Wolves assumed Rubio would sign in Europe if the lockout hit for an extended time.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind, either, if he just took the time to rest, considering he has played professionally almost year round since he was 14 and this summer is playing from late July until third week of September with the Spanish national team.