Gov. Tim Pawlenty will be travelling to Washington this February to make his second appearance at the Conservative Action Political Conference, a major annual event for conservatives.

Pawlenty's PAC spokester Alex Conant confirms the governor will be speaking, which the Minnesota Independent spotted yesterday on the CPAC Web site. Conant couldn't provide further details and a full schedule has yet to be posted by CPAC.

See the full list of invited speakers here, though the only other notable politician who has confirmed so far is Mitt Romney.

With a full year of stumping under his belt since his last appearance at the conference, it will be interesting to see how Pawlenty is received -- particularly in their presidential straw poll. He barely beat out last place at CPAC in 2009, but his performance in the Value Voters Summit straw poll this September indicates he might have a better chance in 2010.

Pawlenty also spoke at Western CPAC this fall, some video of that is below.