As President Obama prepares to address Congress next Wednesday on jobs and the economy, one local Congressman already bent his ear at his appearance in Minneapolis Tuesday about the very same topic.

Rep. Erik Paulsen said he spent the two-minute photo opp accorded to each member of the state’s congressional delegation with the Commander in Chief to express concern about the current state of the Food and Drug Administration and how it’s negatively affecting the local med-tech economy.

Minnesota is home to hundreds of med-tech companies, including the world’s largest, Medtronic Inc., and Paulsen’s western suburban district is home to many of these firms.

“I said, ‘I know jobs are on your mind, and jobs are on my mind, too.’ " Paulsen, a Republican, recalled. Impending changes at the FDA could affect the way medical devices are regulated, an issue that is important to the state’s economy and to patient care, he added.

“This is a bi-partisan issue,” Paulsen said, noting he’s worked with his Democratic brethren on the issue.

And Obama’s response? The president is apparently aware of the issues associated with the FDA and promised to get back in touch with Paulsen once Congress is in session next week.

Janet Moore covers medical technology for the Star Tribune.