Three veteran Minnesota journalists — former WCCO anchors Pat Miles and Don Shelby and longtime MPR host Cathy Wurzer — are hosting a discussion on how to make the most out of life while also preparing for death.

At "Living With the End in Mind" Oct. 11 at Bethel Lutheran Church (7-8:30 p.m., 4120 17th Av. S., Mpls.), the three will facilitate a conversation exploring a topic that many Americans prefer to avoid.

The event's $35 fee benefits the nonprofit Wurzer founded, End in Mind, which grew out of a radio series and eventual book, "We Know How This Ends," that she co-authored with Bruce Kramer, who died of ALS in 2015.

End in Mind's mission is to encourage people to reflect on how they can live fully as possible as they also acknowledge the disease and disability they are likely to face before death.

Event attendees will receive a copy of Miles' recent book, "Before All Is Said and Done: Practical Advice on Living and Dying Well," which she wrote after abruptly losing her husband, Minneapolis attorney Charles "Bucky" Zimmerman, and waded through unexpected financial and legal complexities that she hopes to help others avoid.

This past year, Wurzer and Miles have been doing events together to promote Miles' book and brought Shelby into the mix to add his perspective on how his life has changed after a series of strokes in 2021.

"We both adore Don and he's graciously agreed to join us to reflect on how he is living life, in spite of some past health challenges," Wurzer said. "It should be an inspiring evening."

Tickets and more information are available at