What we seem to have here is a perfect storm brewing.

The Vikings' struggles have left many speculating about the job security of coach Brad Childress and in some cases the franchise's entire structure when it comes to the football operations. Last Sunday, I wrote what this team really needs is a general manager who oversees everything.

As some have pointed out, those types aren't easy to find. However, there could be a logical candidate sitting on the open market. A reporter from the Palm Beach Post saw an advance copy of the NFL Network film about Bill Parcells that will debut tonight. In it Parcells makes it clear that at the age of 69 he isn't ready to ride off into the sunset.

"Get me back out there," Parcells says. "I can do this one more time. That's how I feel."

Well, isn't that interesting. Parcells most recently worked as a consultant for the Miami Dolphins and last coached in 2006 with the Dallas Cowboys. He is best remembered, however, for winning two Super Bowls as coach of the New York Giants.

That is the same organization that Zygi Wilf has a huge fan of before he bought the Vikings in 2005. Already many have connected the dots that Wilf might be interested in bringing Parcells to Minnesota.

But let's all slow down for one moment.

Despite repeated requests in recent weeks to interview Wilf, he has declined. That's certainly his right but it means that any opinions about which direction he might take this organization is pure speculation.

There also has been no indication that Wilf and the rest of ownership are planning to clean house. Hiring a larger than life figure such as Parcells would lead one to assume that he would be given the authority to pick and choose who he kept.

Keep in mind, too, that Zygi and Mark Wilf, who serves as the Vikings president, have had nothing but praise for the job done by vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman and vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski.

It's logical to think that if the Vikings decided to hire a general manager that Spielman would be a serious candidate, with the expectation he would work closely with Brzezinski. Spielman has an impressive title but he does not currently have the type of authority that a general manager does. Childress, for instance, has final say on the 53-man roster and is probably as close to a general manager as the Vikings have under the way things are set up.

None of this is to say the Vikings wouldn't put out feelers toward the Parcells camp to see if he would be interested. It's just to urge caution before anyone gets too excited about the prospect of this actually happening.

Note: The Vikings had everyone on the field for practice today but it appeared as if safety Eric Frampton (hamstring) would do little or no real work. Frampton is a key contributor on special teams but likely won't play Sunday against the Packers. Safety Jamarca Sanford, who also plays on special teams, is expected to return after suffering a hamstring injury two weeks ago against Arizona.