I am the founder, managing editor and sole proprietor of an independent Christian publishing company called Parson Place Press located in Mobile, Ala. I am particularly interested in how to do more effective marketing with no money. What do you recommend for a micro-company with no budget for marketing?

Rev. Michael L. White


Many micro-businesses (those with fewer than 10 employees) neglect marketing because of "cost." This perspective fails to consider that marketing is an important investment in a business, especially if you want to grow and thrive. However, money represents only one form of capital you can invest in your business and its marketing.

What does this means to you? If you can't find cash to invest in marketing efforts, you will at least need to invest time and effort. For instance, engagement in social media may not require spending much money if you do all the planning and engagement yourself. The real question becomes whether that is the best use of your limited time and energy, or that of your small staff.

It might be prudent to spend a small amount of money on a good social media consultant to facilitate development of a strategic social media plan. From there you can decide what makes sense from a commitment of team member activity vs. additional help.

Another form of investment in your business is social capital. What other organizations have relationships with your business or what credibility with audiences do you enjoy because of work done in the past? Consider looking into partnering with those organizations and groups, or leveraging your connections with theirs to cross-promote. You may "advertise" or generate other publicity through their publications.

Don't forget that avoiding the "cost" of marketing may cost the business sales.

About the author

Mike Porter, Ed.D.,

director of the Master of Business Communication Program,

University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business