Two Minnesota water parks closed temporarily last week after patrons came down with the parasitic intestinal disease cryptosporidiosis.

Trisha Robinson, an epidemiologist for the state Department of Health, said three cases were confirmed and 41 other cases suspected among people who visited Edgewater Resort and Water Park in Duluth. One case was confirmed and an additional 14 suspected from exposure at The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes, Robinson said.

Both resorts closed Monday, treated the water with "super chlorination " and reopened when the water was confirmed safe, Robinson said.

Cryptosporidiosis, which causes diarrhea, abdominal cramping and nausea, is transmitted via a parasite through feces. Symptoms last about two weeks.

People can minimize risk of exposure by showering before and after going to a public aquatic facility, washing hands frequently and changing diapers well away from the water, Robinson said.