Lin-Manuel Miranda's second musical of the summer (after the boisterous "In the Heights") is an animated crowd-pleaser. Set in Havana and Miami, it's about an unlikely friendship deal in which a monkey (voiced by Miranda) and a nerdy girl (vibrant newcomer Ynairaly Simo, who steals it out from under Miranda) make a road trip to Florida. They're trying to fulfill the dying wish of the monkey's pal, which was to get a piece of music to a famous singer (Gloria Estefan). Even the mean girls turn out to be nice in this warm comedy, with Caribbean-inspired songs by Miranda. Netflix

'Hart to Heart'

Comedian Kevin Hart opens every episode of this new series, suggesting that he's reinvented the talk-show format. He doesn't even come close to that, but it's fun to see him interact with high-profile friends like Taraji P. Henson, Don Cheadle and Kelly Clarkson over glasses of wine. The show could get even better once Hart learns to set his ego aside and put more of a spotlight on his guests. Peacock

'Mr. Corman'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt created this series about a fifth-grade teacher suffering from a series of panic attacks and deep regrets about not pursuing his rock 'n' roll dreams. At times, the series feels like a vanity project with bizarre sequences that include a musical number with Debra Winger. But those determined to have a midlife crisis before age 45 will want to give Mr. Corman a bear hug, or at least buy him an ice cream cone. Apple TV Plus

'Family Game Fight'

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell help two teams engage in a variety of contests inspired by classic parlor games like Charades and Password. Winners get a shot at $100,000 while losers receive a pie in the face. The real-life Hollywood couple are as competitive as they are adorable; you'll want to invite them to your next dinner party. A taste of the series will air immediately after the Olympics Closing Ceremony. The first full one-hour episode airs next Wednesday. 9:30 p.m. Sunday, KARE, Ch. 11

Christopher Guest films

Several of the filmmaker/improv-shenanigans-leader's movies pop up on HBO's streaming service this week. Skip "For Your Consideration," which boasts his usual swell cast but never jells behind its premise (the ridiculousness of Hollywood awards season). But the other two are keepers: "A Mighty Wind," its pitch-perfect songs selling a gentle jab at folk music pretensions, and "Best in Show," which finds a way to parody dog shows even though they're pretty funny to begin with. HBO Max