The movie based on the board game "Ouija" has been scrapped. Reason? Hasbro decided it might not make enough money, and would thus damage the brand. Kids wouldn't want to dabble in the occult if the opening grosses fell by 45% the second weekend. Hollywood Reporter says:

Six movies based on games. Six. There's Battleship, of course. Also Clue, which has been scotched, perhaps because someone in Hollywood was watching cable one night and came across a movie called "Clue" based on the boardgame "Clue." They're still doing "Stretch Armstrong," which sounds like a toy, not a game, and "Candyland," which I'm sure will be directed by Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp and have an odd, menacing, off-kilter tone. But that's only five. What's the sixth? Transformers? G.I. Joe? Oh, right. Maybe it's this.

I know, I know, different studios. But you never know.