Cross the line-clearing aspects of Tetris with the moves of chess pieces, and you get this fun puzzle game. (Martin Grider; 2.99, free lite version.)


This full-featured weather aid will make you quickly forget Apple's default app. Turn your device sideways to see a forecast graph. Neat! (Digital Cyclone, $3.99)

Baby Alert Pro

Replace a baby monitor with your iPhone. If the infant stirs, it dials a specified phone number to alert parents. (Precognitive Research, $1.99)


Drinking? Check your blood-alcohol level by gauging your response time to games. Clearly for entertainment only. (North Loop Media, 99 cents)

Best Buy

Put the Richfield-based electronic retailer's inventory at your fingertips. You can order, get gift suggestions and much more. (Best Buy, free)

Twilight Golf

Navigate a dark temple in this maddeningly addictive variation on golf that sometimes feels more like pinball. (Howling Moon; $2.99, free lite version)

Sam Kinison Scream Board

The boisterous comedian's screams and sometimes-R-rated rants await your prompts to annoy friends and family members. (3 Sixty Software for Mill Creek, free)

Music Mayhem

Play name-that-tune with your music collection. Listen to a sample, and guess the title and artist before time runs out. (William Solboe, $1.99)

Train Brain

Get instant access to the Metro Transit light-rail schedule, as well as map directions to any station from your location. (Andy Atkinson, $1.99)


Enter a dirty word or inappropriate phrase, and this promotional tool for Orbit gum will clean up your sassafras. (Ratchet for Orbit; free)

Mars Globe

Survey the red planet in vivid detail -- a nice companion to Moon Globe, for students or amateur astronomers. (Midnight Martian, 99 cents)

This American Life

Listen to any episode of the popular public-radio show, going back to 1995. Stream it for free, or download it for 99 cents. (CodeMorphic and PRX, $2.99)