Osmo Vanska conducted the orchestra in Amsterdam on the 2010 tour./Photo by Jeff Wheeler.


The Minnesota Orchestra will not record Sibelius symphonies and a Beethoven piano concerto as planned next month. The BIS label was scheduled to start shipping recording equipment this week for the sessions that were to start Sept. 16.

The parties agreed that without a musicians' contract, it didn't make sense to send the equipment.

"We know there is a week that work next spring," said Gwen Pappas, the orchestra's spokeswoman.

The Sibelius symphonies 3 and 6 were to be recorded in the session. Yevgeny Sudbin is expected to record the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2.

Still in question is the orchestra's date at Carnegie Hall in early November. Carnegie is getting close to imposing a deadline, Pappas said, for the Minnesota to confirm a definitive availability to play. Last April, music director Osmo Vanska said that if Carnegie cancels the November concerts that he would be forced to resign his position.