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May 31

Readers Write: Medical ethics, political lies, debt ceiling, Florida, Tina Turner

With children, the ethical calculation changes.
May 30
Readers Write: Biking rules, Pride month, Vietnam

Readers Write: Biking rules, Pride month, Vietnam

Bewilderment rules.
May 29
By the end of June, Minnesota will have retired $377 million in outstanding bonds on U.S. Bank Stadium, saving taxpayers $226 million in interest.

Readers Write: Vikings stadium, Minnesota Private Business Council, Expo 2027, 'hydrogen economy,' Summit Avenue bike trail

Democracy above all. Right?
May 28
Volunteers with Flags for Fort Snelling place American flags by each headstone on the eve of Memorial Day at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in 2021.

Readers Write: Memorial Day, Minnesota vs. Florida

Pondering what might have been, had these people survived.
May 27
Ellie Krug gives a presentation on inclusivity called “Gray Area Thinking” to parishioners at Chaska Moravian Church in April.

Readers Write: Bridging the divide, Mayo Clinic's muscle, Henry Kissinger

More of this bridge-building, please.
May 26
Gov. Tim Walz attends a bill-signing party on May 24 celebrating a jam-packed legislative session on the Capitol steps in St. Paul with supporters, le

Readers Write: The legislative session, DFL endorsements, Minnesota vs. Florida

Betting on Minnesota to win.
May 25
Pride month merchandise is displayed at a Target store on Wednesday in Nashville. Target has pulled some of its products celebrating Pride Month and t

Readers Write: Target controversy, the legislative session

Intimidation can't win.
May 24
Florida’s nice to visit, argues a letter writer, but one of its many downsides compared with Minnesota is its current governor, Ron DeSantis, pictur

Readers Write: Florida vs. Minnesota, mineral leases, 10th Ward DFL convention

There's a clear winner between these two states.
May 23
Uber and Lyft drivers rallied outside the House chamber as bills moved through the Legislature that would give the drivers pay raises and job protecti

Readers Write: Legislative session, the debt ceiling, raining poop from the sky

Check back in on Minnesota in five years.
May 22
Gov. Tim Walz holds up a just-signed gun control bill on May 19 at the State Capitol in St. Paul. The sweeping public safety bill includes two gun mea

Readers Write: Legislature, DFL voting reform, call to prayer

Pining for some gridlock.
May 21
Nasri Warsame consults with his campaign manager, Abshir Omar, left, before they both appeared at a news conference on May 17, after a chaotic 10th Wa

Readers Write: DFL endorsements, Midtown Greenway, mental health

Don't junk an essential tool: party endorsements.
May 20
A presidential elector ballot in 2016. The National Popular Vote Compact is an agreement currently adopted by 15 states and the District of Columbia t

Readers Write: National Popular Vote Compact, convention chaos, drug abuse, George Santos, Humanism

It's folly, really, to oppose.
May 19
Readers Write: The 'chronically online,' voting reform, downtown emptiness, paid leave

Readers Write: The 'chronically online,' voting reform, downtown emptiness, paid leave

"I am terrified for my 'chronically online' peers."
May 18
Carver County voters cast ballots inside the San Francisco Town Hall on Election Day 2020. The county is lucky to have a high-quality sheriff’s offi

Readers Write: Law enforcement, 2040 Plan, nurse staffing

Too few know the good news.
May 17
Officers work outside the Fairfax, Va., office building where police say a man wielding a baseball bat attacked and injured two staffers for U.S. Rep.

Readers Write: Mental health, Southwest Light Rail, free college

This tragedy cannot continue.
May 16
As shown in this screen grab from a video shared by blogger John Edwards, disorder reigned at the Minneapolis DFL 10th Ward convention on Saturday, Ma

Readers Write: 10th Ward convention, gun legislation, election finance, the Durham report

Pessimistic on the state of our politics.
May 15
Hilary Brasel lights children’s candles during a vigil for her husband, Michael, on Friday at Langford Park in St. Paul. Michael Brasel was shot and

Readers Write: Gun reform, menopause

Regulating instruments of death.
May 14

Readers Write: Historic buildings, payday loans, family leave, the legislature's speed

Save Minnesota's old buildings.
May 13
Tucker Carlson speaks during AmericaFest in Phoenix on Dec. 17, 2022.

Readers Write: Tucker Carlson, 2024 presidential race, guns, light rail, grief

I wish Carlson had expressed some of that self-reflection.
May 12
Migrants cross the Rio Grande as they try to get to the U.S. from the Mexican city of Matamoros on May 11. A surge of migrants is expected at the U.S.

Readers Write: The border, Summit Avenue bike trail, Mayo Clinic, U of M interim pick

We've got to fix our border policy.

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