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Former President Donald Trump points to his wounded and bandaged ear as he talks to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, during the Republican National Convention

Readers Write: Trump assassination attempt, documents case, Walz's responsibility

We can condemn two things at once.
July 17
The Butler Farm Show site, where former President Donald Trump was wounded during an assassination attempt during a rally on July 13.

Readers Write: Guns and the assassination attempt, homelessness, being LGBTQ-friendly

Further reason for gun control.
July 16
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara speaks on June 25 during a City Council committee meeting on the proposed police contract.

Readers Write: Minneapolis police contract, nursing home funding, the presidential race

Some police reform is done, and more is coming.
July 15
Secret Service agents cover former President Donald Trump after shots were fired in an assassination attempt at a campaign rally in Butler, Pa., on Ju

Readers Write: Trump assassination attempt, plain government language

We all have work to do to overcome the divide.
July 14
Female Marine recruits at Parris Island, S.C., in 2019, during "the Crucible," a 54-hour series of physical and emotional trials that make up the fina

Readers Write: The military's future, autism providers, nuclear power, Taste of Minnesota

How are we going to manage this?
July 13
Kayakers on Rice Creek in Shoreview in summer 2019.

Readers Write: Environment, pollution, immigration, feral cats

Cleanup is needed on several fronts.
July 12
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the 75th anniversary of NATO on July 9 in Washington.

Readers Write: The presidential race

Democrats are shamelessly abandoning ship.
July 11
A map of existing racial covenants in Mounds View was on display at a Mounds View City Council meeting on July 8.

Readers Write: Racial covenants, nuclear power, Joe Biden

Don't deny past evils.
July 10
President Joe Biden pumps his fist as he poses with NATO leaders for an official photo at the NATO summit in Washington on Wednesday.

Readers Write: The presidential race, Project 2025, Alice Munro

Biden, stop acting like Trump.
July 9
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara listens during a City Council meeting on Monday as the council heard from members of the public on the propose

Readers Write: Minneapolis police contract, the presidential race

Coaching must count as discipline.
July 8
President Joe Biden greets attendees during a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pa., on Sunday.

Readers Write: Joe Biden's precarious position, Hunter Biden's addiction

This might not end well.
July 7
Donald Trump participates in the presidential debate on June 27 in Atlanta.

Readers Write: Presidential immunity, the Constitution, Rue the injured cat

About that "official" porn star payoff ...
July 6
Visitors walk along the street by Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated and signed, in Phila

Readers Write: American exceptionalism, Pride weekend

An imperfect country, worthy of saving.
July 5
President Joe Biden departs a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House on July 3.

Readers Write: Joe Biden's abilities, medical marijuana

Face it: Biden can't do this.
July 4
President Joe Biden walks off the debate stage with First Lady Jill Biden on June 27 in Atlanta.

Readers Write: The presidential race

If Biden's so adept, prove it.
July 3
People watch the debate between Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in San Francisco on June 27.

Readers Write: The ultimate Fourth of July present, the debate, presidential immunity

What I want for our birthday: a double goodbye.
July 2
Reporters work outside of the Supreme Court in Washington on June 27.

Readers Write: Supreme Court decision on bribes, religion in school, support for families

A bribe is bad, but a "gift" is OK?
July 1
Protesters demonstrating against the argument that former President Donald Trump has “absolute immunity” outside the U.S. Supreme Court in April.

Readers Write: Immunity ruling, Biden's debate performance, Minneapolis police, license plates

"Absolute immunity": Who has it, who might like it.
June 30
Dick Heller, the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case D.C. v. Heller, walks to a news conference outside the court in Washington on June 26, 2

Readers Write: Gun rights, religion in the Constitution, prep sports, Minor League Baseball

Gun rights are only sacred if we want them to be.
June 29
A copy of the Ten Commandments is posted along with other historical documents in a hallway of the Georgia Capitol on June 20 in Atlanta. Civil libert

Readers Write: Separation of church and state, religious freedom, mining in northern Minnesota

Pretty sure there's an amendment for that.

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