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John M. Crisp
January 10
Pope Francis at a meeting with members of the religious community at the Cathedral of Saint Dionysius in Athens, Greece, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021.

Are those who don't raise children failed humans?

I take issue with the pope's implication, for two reasons.
Ezra Klein
January 10
An election worker in Port Orchard, Wash., Nov. 3, 2020. Steve Bannon may be onto something by recruiting people who do not believe in democracy to se

Steve Bannon is onto something about the logistics of power

To influence the path of democracy, you need to be involved in the real work of politics, not just the hobby of it, and preferably on a local level.
January 9

Gun violence continues in Philadelphia

And yet officials are quick to tout effectiveness of unproven strategies.
Sondra Samuels and Ken Powell
January 9
Demonstrators block an intersection near the U.S. Capitol in Washington on to demand that Congress take action on climate, immigration, health care, c

Our kids can't wait for Congress

The state must invest its plenty in the youngest and most vulnerable.
Debilyn Molineaux, The Fulcrum (TNS)
January 9
Protesters filled the Minnesota State Capitol Lawn during a rally for medical freedom on Aug. 28, 2021. The crowd opposed medical and government manda

How to tame your inner authoritarian

It's one of humanity's many struggles, but we can't let it affect our higher offices.
Lucinda Myles McCray
January 8
People used the saliva COVID-19 testing site at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Nov. 20, 2020.

We must prepare for a post-pandemic (but not post-COVID) world

It's time to recalibrate our expectations and behaviors to deal with this future.
D.J. Tice
January 8
President Joe Biden speaks during a virtual meeting with family and independent farmers and ranchers at the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower E

The high cost of humbug

Beware politicians who see prices and wages in need of improvement everywhere they look.
David Brooks
January 7
The Capitol in Washington on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2022.

Why the Democrats are not saving democracy

Their echo chamber of discussion makes it hard to focus on real change.
John Rash
January 7
Russian troops take part in drills at the Kadamovskiy firing range in the Rostov region near its border with Ukraine on, Dec. 14, 2021.

2022's global risks include not reckoning with 2021's domestic one

America's ability to effectively respond to geopolitical crises is hindered by divisions apparent in the attack on the Capitol.
Michelle Goldberg
January 7
The Gettysburg Cyclorama, depicting the final and decisive battle in the three-day Civil War engagement. To some who study civil conflict, an American

Are we really facing a second civil war?

The notion can't be dismissed, although there's reason to doubt.
Stephen L. Carter
January 7
Elizabeth Holmes at federal court in San Jose, Calif., Monday, Jan. 3, 2022.

Ask no questions, otherwise you can't say you were told lies?

The verdict in the Elizabeth Holmes case sends a mixed message to investors.
January 6

An ugly, unnecessary struggle over a road

Northern Minnesota township should have reached a deal with family.
Stephen Marche
January 6
Protesters attended a rally on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in support of GOP efforts to overturn the presidential electi

Breaking up is hard to do

Disunion may be more desirable than civil war, yet less likely.
Elliott Payne, Robin Wonsley Worlobah, Jeremiah Ellison, Jason Chavez-Cruz and Aisha Chughtai
January 6
As a city that has declared racism a public health emergency, it’s our responsibility to treat inequitable rent hikes in Minneapolis as a racial jus

City must stand up to interests, enact robust rent control

We must pass policy that reflects the needs of Minneapolis's majority-renter population.
Anthony Pahnke
January 6
Ziad Khaled Hilweh, 23, who tried to migrate to Europe with his family, spoke during an interview as he sat with his wife, Alaa Khodr, 22; his daughte

World's definition of 'refugee' shortchanges economic migrants

It's not just war, torture or persecution that force people to seek better lives elsewhere.
the editors of Bloomberg Opinion
January 6
Migrants left Huixtla, Chiapas state, Mexico, in October as they trekked north toward Mexico’s northern states and the U.S. border.

Why Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' is worth preserving

The policy, reluctantly restarted by the Biden administration after court rulings, has yielded results.
Bret Stephens
January 5
Thomas Hoenig made a name for himself after the financial crisis of 2008, as one of the top members of the Federal Reserve who wouldn’t go along wit

Just one thing could increase our troubles now — inflation

We've been here before, and this time the result could be ruinous.
Adam Chandler
January 5
A pro-Trump mob storms the Capitol building in Washington, Jan. 6, 2021.

Take a Jan. 6 break from the social media riot

For this anniversary, give yourself one day to avoid the toxic flurry of internet activity.
Trudy Rubin
January 5
People sheltered in the House gallery as protesters broke into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

Legacy of Jan. 6 insurrection: U.S. seen globally as a power in decline

Most Americans don't realize the level of shock among our allies and the glee among our adversaries.
Thomas L. Friedman
January 5
Supporters of then-President Donald Trump tried to break through a police barrier on Jan. 6, 2021, outside the U.S. Capitol, where a vote affirming th

Legacy of Jan. 6 insurrection: Our last best hope is U.S. business leaders

They represent the old center-right. They have much to lose from turmoil. They have leverage. I wish they were using it better.
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