One St. Paul City Council member won DFL Party endorsement ­Saturday for re-election, with another ward failing to endorse a candidate after three ballots.

First-term incumbent Amy Brendmoen, 45, fell short of endorsement by party delegates at Como Park Senior High School for the Fifth Ward seat, which takes in the North End and parts of the Como and East Side neighborhoods. After three ballots during which Brendmoen and challenger David Glass ran neck and neck, delegates adjourned without making an endorsement.

Brendmoen, who chairs the city's Housing and Redevelopment Authority, was opposed by Glass and Dahir Guled.

Glass, 63, won $800,000 from the city last summer in a settlement of his breach-of-contract suit filed when parks officials declined to renew his cafe contract at Como Park, for which he partly blamed Brendmoen. Glass and his wife had run Black Bear Crossings at the park pavilion for 14 years before closing a couple of months ago.

Before the convention, neither Brendmoen nor Glass had committed to dropping out of the race if another candidate captured the party's endorsement. In answer to delegates' questions Saturday, Brendmoen said that she would remain in the race regardless, while Glass said he would abide by the endorsement if it went to someone else.

In the end, it didn't matter since the party failed to officially back anyone.

At least one other candidate, David Sullivan-Nightengale, is running for the Fifth Ward seat. Sullivan-Nightengale, 41, a safety engineer and first-time candidate, is seeking endorsement from the Independence Party.

At the Sixth Ward DFL convention at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, delegates overwhelmingly endorsed six-term incumbent Dan Bostrom, 74, over James Lockwood, 44, a communications manager and former spokesman for Mayor Chris Coleman.

Bostrom is a former police officer and school board member who has served on the City Council since 1996. The Sixth Ward encompasses the Payne-Phalen district and the Greater East Side.

Lockwood said before the weekend that he wouldn't necessarily abide by the party endorsement should it go to another candidate, and is expected to stay in the race. St. Paul no longer has a primary election since the city moved to ranked-choice voting.

DFL conventions will be held over the next two weekends for City Council races in other wards.