Green Bay - Teddy Bridgewater was awful on Sunday night. As Mike Zimmer pointed out, Bridgewater was anxious, skittish in the pocket. He missed open receivers downfield. He threw a lefthanded interception.

He produced 99 passing yards and zero rushing yards against a struggling defense. He took three sacks. His longest completion was for 22 yards on a catch-and-run by Mike Wallace.

I think it was Bridgewater's worst performance as a pro, given the stakes and setting.

This might sound strange, but I think it's right: Bridgewater will have to play exponentially better to beat Russell Wilson than Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers are a mess. As soon as the Vikings stopped Eddie Lacy, they were set up to win. The Seahawks are a much bigger challenge, and Bridgewater will have to produce points to win this game.

Wilson is the NFL's hottest quarterback.As the Seahawks have won six of their last seven, Wilson has passed for 22 touchdowns and one interception. In three career games against the Vikings, Wilson has produced nine touchdowns and zero interceptions, a 142 passer rating and a 3-0 record.

Sunday was the biggest game of Bridgewater's career. This will be the biggest challenge of his career.

One theory I heard from a couple of national NFL writers on Sunday: The Vikings might want to root for the return of Marshawn Lynch. Wilson's surge occured after Lynch and Jimmy Graham were injured. Seattle went to a spread formation and targeted their wideouts, looking more for big plays than first downs. Wilson went from a reputed ``game manager'' to the superstar of a dynamic offense.

If Lynch returns, maybe the Seahawks go back to the read option and rely on the running game. That might be better for the Vikings - and Bridgewater - than having to keep up with Wilson's prolfiic ways.


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