Riley Reiff passed his physical this morning and signed on the dotted line, officially becoming an offensive tackle for the Vikings.

His contract is a five-year deal with a max value of $58.75 million, per a league source. The contract includes $26.3 million guaranteed, including his 2017 base salary of $6.2 million and his 2018 base salary of $9.1 million.

After that inking that deal, which was slightly bigger than Matt Kalil's, Reiff hopped on a conference call with local media to talk about signing here.

So, which tackle position will he be playing? Reiff wasn't giving that up.

"I'll come in here and do whatever the coaches ask," he said. "I came from a good system at Iowa and they taught us to be ready at any position. I'm just happy to be here and I'm ready to meet the guys and get to work."

How close was he to joining another team? Wouldn't give that up either.

Reiff said he was "flattered" by the interest but didn't go into specifics.

The 28-year-old tackle was willing to talk about why he joined the Vikings.

"It's been kind of a hectic last few days," Reiff said. "I'm excited to be up here, that's for sure. Being from South Dakota, it's close. I always watched the Vikings growing up. They've got a great tradition and I'm excited about the hunting and fishing up here, too."

Since he is from South Dakota, was he a Vikings fan? Nope. He actually rooted for the Raiders because his dad, Tom, was a Raiders fan. So was his mailman, who also had some sway apparently.

"I kind of got brainwashed into it," Reiff said.

His mom, Jo, was a "big Vikings fan," though.

"She's really happy right now," Reiff said.

Reiff grew up in Parkston, S.D. He said it's about a half hour from Mount Vernon, where now-retired Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway was raised. Greenway, a fellow Iowa alum, called Reiff yesterday to say congrats.

"I've always followed Chad and I admired his work. I tried to keep in touch with him over the years and take any advice I get from him," he said.

Reiff, who is not known to be much of a talker when it comes to the media, said on the seven-minute call that he is looking forward to helping the Vikings offensive line become a strength this season.

"There's a good group of guys here and I'm excited to get in here and get to work with them and move forward this year," Reiff said.