By now you’ve heard about the meteor that streaked across the sky and surprised everyone. I’m speaking, of course, about the one in Cuba.

Alas, no pictures yet. But thanks to the fact that the automotive experience in Russia is predicated on insurance fraud, everyone has a dash cam, so we have footage of their early-morning light show. Lots of footage. The main page of has a link to a video, but it suffers from VVS, or Vertical Video Syndrome, and doesn’t have the gut-punch kaboom. Here’s the Guardian’s compilation, including the kaboom. BTW: isn't it interesting that the Russian media outlet says we'll be smacked by a rock in 93 years, and then Russia gets smacked with a rock about 93 hours later?



The Guardian explains.


The shockwave from the explosion when the meteor entered the earth's atmosphere smashed windows, buckled shop fronts, set off car alarms and took out mobile phone signals. A wall was damaged at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant but there was no environmental threat, a plant spokeswoman said.

No, there’s no reason a Soviet-era Zinc plant might be environmentally unsound after its walls were knocked in. Another view:



A beautiful shot:





Scrub ahead to :40:




More here. Heck, more all over the web today. By the end of the day all the shouts of surprise will be autotuned and interspersed with cat reactions.

APPS What’s wrong with KillSwitch, a new app that makes it easier to break up with someone?

This online breakup app is simple and straightforward. With a click of a button, the app crawls your Facebook profile and deletes any mention, tag, picture or status update that has your ex mentioned in it. It can also be done manually through the app so you can choose what you want to delete. This could potentially make a separation from the person you were once in a relationship with an easier endeavor.

So they’ve developed the Memory Hole App. The MiniTrue would be delighted; much easier than eliminating unpersons from back issues with masking tape.





I understand the appeal, but perhaps the issue isn't the wisdom of attempting to retcon your own life, but the wisdom of putting it all up on Facebook in the first place.


MOVIES There are only 3 ways to sell movies to kids. The raised-eyebrow is the worst offender. It used to be known as the Dreamworks Eyebrow, but it’s spread. There’s no containing it.


GAMING Sort of. Via Buzzfeed, a little game about being a fly. Metaphysics are involved, as well as Grieg. Headphones and full-screen are recommended, as well as patience, and a realization that this is not a side-scrolling shooter or a hop-and-collect-coins type of game. If you can call it a game at all. All I know is that I became invested in the character after a certain trial, and once that empathetic connection had been made, a common sound of summer was suddenly fraught with dread.

It looks like this. Download the game here. You'll never look at your UP ARROW key the same way for the next few hours. 

I exaggerate. But it's nice.