Once again, Tech Dump, the consumer-electronics fixer and recycler, will collect old mobile phones to promote environmental responsibility at the fair's "Eco Experience 2018."

The Tech Dump "Phone It In" exhibit will consist of two secure collection bins, as well as information that explain why recycling electronics is beneficial, according to Tech Dump CEO Amanda LaGrange.

Recycling or reusing cell phones helps the environment by saving energy, conserving natural resources and keeping reusable materials out of lakes, incinerators and landfills. Last year, Tech Dump's successful "Cell Phone Summer" concluded at the Eco Experience, collecting nearly a ton of e-waste in the form of old cell phones, tablets, cords, and cables. Tech Dump hopes to top the 210 pounds of mobile phones collected at the fair last year, with a new goal of 250 pounds of old phones, tablets, cords, and cables.

Nonprofit Tech Dump, started several years ago by two internet-retail pioneers alarmed at the growth of consumer-electronic waste, is a social enterprise that also provides jobs to former inmates and other people with barriers to employment. It has locations in Golden Valley and St. Paul.

The Eco Experience, sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and business partners, is designed to inspire fair-goers to lead a more sustainable life with everyday reduce-reuse-recycle insights, and interactive exhibits on renewable energy, green technology, transportation and clean air and water.