North Side residents have several chances in the next week to help plan a temporary segment of the proposed North Minneapolis Greenway.

Two events are scheduled for Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at Jordan Park, 2927 Irving Av. N., and Folwell Park, 1516 Fowling Av. N.  A similar session is scheduled for Tuesday during National Night Out on 34th Av. N. between Irving and Humboldt avenues N.

The North Minneapolis Greenway is a concept for a greenway between 44th and Glenwood avenues N. along Humboldt and Irving avenues N. Three potential types of  greenway design have been advanced, ranging from one that would eliminate traffic on greenway streets entirely to one that would retain current streets but with features to discourage through traffic and encourage lower speeds.

Advocates for the greenway hope to launch a demonstration greenway this fall that would convert five blocks of Irving between 31st and 36th avenues N. to a space for pedestrians and bicyclists. More information about the greenway is available here.