Final numbers for the 2016 North American Big Year adventures have been posted.


John Weigel, New Zealander, finished with an amazing total of 777 species, with four possibles depending on various record committee actions.


Olaf Danielson of North Dakota had 776 species with two pending. A full year of his life, thousands of miles and dollars, and he comes up maybe three birds short. An adventure, surely, and an exceptional achievement, but still three birds short.


Laura Keene, an Ohio birder, posted 759 with three pending.


Christian Hagenlocher, from Missouri, finished with 750, two pending.


The previous high count for a NA Big Year was 749, set in 2013.




Atmospheric carbon dioxide count for Jan. 1, 2017, was 406.35 parts per million.

One year ago, 401.82