I must preface this blog by saying I am a beekeeper and both my parents died of lung cancer. That said, I screamed when reading that there is wording going through the Legislature that says plants in soil using neonicotinoids may be labeled as "bee friendly." WHAT?   

 I’ve read up on neonics. Scientifically, one little ‘dose’ of the poison will not kill a honeybee. I get that and hear that; but one must realize is that the pesticide is nicotine based. Just like cigarettes.

Both my parents started smoking when they were 16. Dad quit in his 40s and Mom continued to smoke until she had to use oxygen 24/7 due to COPD. Mom knew that smoking was bad, but the stuff was so addictive she said she could not quit.

I applaud all smokers who quit. There are programs to help humans. Honeybees don’t have programs and 12-steps to follow. They just go by instinct. The flowers draw them in and they drink in the nectar. They bring the nectar and pollen back to the hive to feed their babies.

Unfortunately, their instincts seem to hurt them. A study by the University of Oxford recently showed that honeybees prefer sugar water containing neonicotinoids.

So the poison is nicotine-laced and appears to taste better to the innocent honeybee. I say ban the stuff all together. What do you think?