The NBA unveiled the third of four new uniforms its teams will wear as part of a new apparel deal with Nike that launched this summer.

Young Wolves star Karl-Anthony Towns modeled the new uni at a Los Angeles event, where a player from all 30 teams represented Friday night.

It's a neon green outfit that is supposed to be reminiscent of Minnesota and its ethereal northern lights that league calls its teams "statement edition.

The uniforms were one of three what a league news release called "innovations."

Also included is what the league calls a "connected jersey" that has "NikeConnect" technology: Each adult-sized connected jersey has an embedded chip that will launch real-time team and player information after jersey buyers download an app and tap the jersey with their smartphone.

When they do, it will deliver such things as players' pregame arrival footage, highlights and players' favorite music playlist, among many other things.

The connected jersey and a "Therma Flex" hooded warmup jacket go on sale Sept. 29 while the Statement Edition jersey will be available starting Nov. 20. They'll first be worn from NBA teams starting Nov. 25.

Home teams will choose which of the four new uniforms they'll wear for any given game.

The fourth and final uniform designs will be released later this year.