Zillow.com said that in the Twin Cities metro the number of homeowners with mortgages that were higher than the value of their house fell from 39.9 percent during the first quarter to 38.7 percent during the second quarter. That's a total of more than 268,000 homes with a cumulative negative equity value of $17.4 billion. (Click here for the full report)

Nationwide, 30.9 percent of all homeowners with a mortgage were underwater, down slightly from the previous quarter for a total of $42 billion.

Zillow had a bit of good news for the Twin Cities: The number of mortgages that were 90 days or more delinquent fell slightly to 4.7 percent, way below a national rate 9.2 percent.

Those numbers are in line with the latest data from CoreLogic, which said that the foreclosure rate in the Twin Cities was 1.66 percent, down slightly from last year and way below the national rate of 3.27 percent. CoreLogic's tally of how many homeowners couldn't pay their mortgage was slightly better, the group said that the delinquency rate in the Twin Cities was 4.2 percent. Here's a link to more data.