Not built to last

“Broken,” a four-part documentary series that examines negligence in the production and marketing of popular products, may have you think twice before your next shopping trip. In an episode about unsafe dressers, the McGee family of Edina shares a heartbreaking story about how unstable furniture purchased at Ikea played a role in their son’s death. Other episodes deal with plastics, vaping and beauty products.

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Gimme a break

Cinephiles will most likely insist that to really appreciate “The Irishman you need to catch it on the big screen. But Martin Scorsese’s latest may actually play better on TV, where viewers can take in the more than 200-minute mob movie in two or three sittings. The story’s rather intimate nature — and ponderous pace — doesn’t scream out for the full theatrical experience. Plus, you can take bathroom breaks without missing one of Al Pacino’s signature rants.

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Sons of the desert

If you’re looking for an epic film that will keep you engaged without ever thinking about pressing “pause,” invest in 1952’s “Lawrence of Arabia,” quite simply one of the greatest movies ever made. At 227 minutes, it’s even longer than “The Irishman,” but director David Lean and star Peter O’Toole make sure you never look at your watch.

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Neal Justin