Wild and crazy guy

TCM spends much of its time paying tribute to black-and-white legends, so it's a fairly contemporary move to dedicate an evening to Steve Martin, starting with a repeat of the "AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Steve Martin."(7 p.m.) The evening also includes runnings of a popular hit, "Father of the Bride" (8:30 p.m.), and the gloomy sleeper "Pennies From Heaven" (midnight). TCM

Leap of faith

I'm not sure jumping out of a helium balloon with nothing but a parachute qualifies as the grounds for a sports documentary, but I'm still eager to see the latest "30 for 30" entry, "Angry Sky: The Legend of Nick Piantanida," the truck driver who captured the world's imagination with his daredevil deeds in the mid-1960s. 7 p.m. ESPN

Natural high

Accept your invitation to "Extreme I Do's," a look at three weddings taking place at high altitudes, including a Hawaiian volcano. And you thought booking the St. Paul Hotel was an extravagant choice. 9 p.m. TLC

Neal Justin