The NBA draft is tonight and a number of you used the #AskZgoda hash tag to pick my brain about what's up with the Timberwolves. Hope you enjoy the back-and-forth.

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Al Thompson @AlThomp

Did the Timberwolves ever seriously consider trading KAT for the rights to Deandre Ayton?

No. You think Thibs has the patience for that?

13-14 Kids Guy @13_14Kids

In your opinion what are Wolves going to do with pick?

They’ll try to use it to get a team with lots of cap space – like Atlanta – to absorb Gorgui’s contract. Don’t forget the Hawks have the draft’s 30 and 34 picks so even if they can’t trade Gorgui’s deal, they could trade the 20th for two picks a little further down in the draft. I’d say that’s most likely if they don’t just use the pick outright. The Hawks also have Kent Bazemore, who makes even more than Gorgui per season but has one less season guaranteed and he defends and can shoot the 3.

Matt Trapp @MDTrapp

What are the best options to replace Jamal Crawford’s bench scoring without much cap space available?

Well, Derrick Rose for starters. And whomever they draft and/or acquire tonight. The big question is what will the market be for free agents this summer and has a guy like Avery Bradley’s value fallen enough in the last year that they have a chance to sign a guy like him.

Is there any reason to believe that Justin Patton could play a significant role for the Wolves next season?

Sure, if you’re an eternal optimist. Big guys and fragile little bones in their feet always are a concern and although Patton surely is talented, I’m not sure if he’s the kind of tough-minded player who wins over Thibs’ heart.

Who’s more likely to be in a Wolves uniform next year? Tyus Jones or Derrick Rose?


Josh Hawes @my4gems

Any interest in Nerlens Noel? I still feel that team needs a more defensive big man and would think he would come cheap.

I don’t think that’s likely, but how do you feel about Joakim Noah and Luol Deng?

What is Glen’s long-term plan? Do you think he still owns this team in 5 years? Any chance KG, Jimmy Jam and Doc Rivers get together to run it?

He vows he’s in to finally see the payoff, but can any of us guarantee where will be in five years? My hunch is that by then limited partner Meyer Orbach owns most of it.

Justin Patton looks like another wasted late-round draft pick #JoinTheClub. What has been our best non-lottery draft pick ever? I say Rasho or Pek.

There aren’t many other options, are there? Unless you count Andre Roberson, Dontas Montiejunas, Trevor Booker or Ty Lawson.

Where does LeBron end up?

Sometimes the most obvious answer – the Lakers – is the correct one, but if you want a darkhorse: Boston.

Shane Hernesman @Shaner1

Please tell me there is no chance of us drafting Grayson Allen?!

Sorry, but I make no guarantees. The Wolves need shooters and he’s one of the best in the draft. Also, Thibs loves competitive guys even with all their flaws and there’s the Coack K connection, too. It’s probably more likely if they trade down for two picks late in the first round or early in the second.

J F @speedbump25

Do the Wolves ride the whole season with Butler or find a trade if they are unable to secure a new contract? And if so, at what point of the season?

It’s unlikely Jimmy does anything but play the season out and become an unrestricted free agent next summer. But they better have a good idea of where his head is at because it’d be a disaster to let him just walk for nothing. It all depends how the season goes. If it all starts to crumble, obviously they’d have to try to do something – think Pacers and the Paul George trade – by the February trade deadline.

Swain God @AndrewSianko

What are some realistic moves that the Wolves could make? Are they dumb enough to trade Towns? Are they considering moving Butler, who we can’t afford to extend or is Wiggins and his death contract a real possibility?

Moving Gorgui’s contract is probably the most realistic, but certainly no guarantee. The notion of trading Towns is Internet nonsense. They’re not moving Butler unless it becomes absolutely clear by trade deadline that he’s gone next summer. Never say never with Wiggins and his contract, but it’s unlikely.

Imant @greatTWOLFmind

Do you think Flip had it right all along? Keep our young players and wait for GS and others to get older n have cap issues. Did Thibs ruin a great plan? Or do you think Thibs way will work also?

Well, everybody would have had to have great patience because you’ll be waiting another five years probably. That’s a long, long time and they still would have had cap issues with young players not worth – at least yet – all that money. It’s funny, one of Thibs’ favorite sayings – and he has a few – is there are no shortcuts and yet he’s attempting to take one that I just have a feeling will end badly.

Thanks for the questions. We'll have some better answers later tonight, right?