At a time when Pinterest boards and home-makeover shows have made trendy shiplap and "live, laugh, love" throw pillows ubiquitous, married designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent take a more personalized approach to remaking interiors with "The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project," premiering Oct. 5.

The new HGTV series is the second home renovation show that Berkus, a Minnesota native who got his start on "Oprah," has co-hosted with his husband, following three seasons of "Nate & Jeremiah by Design." And it gives a more intimate look into the lives of both the homeowners and the stars than is typical for the genre.

A defining segment of "Home Project" involves Berkus and Brent helping homeowners sort through sentimental décor to decide which items to retain. In the first of six episodes,for example, the designers worked with two sisters moving back into their childhood home, chockfull of items inherited from their mother. Berkus and Brent learned the stories behind several heirlooms, including an unusual coffee table, an heirloom music box and a beloved Steinway piano. They then incorporated some of those items into the refreshed space, to preserve memories while simultaneously making the home feel more contemporary.

The series also reveals Berkus and Brent's nonstop design process. It follows the couple into their own home as they discuss a new project or material choice while cooking breakfast or playing with their two young children.

"The format and the stories stem from who Nate and Jeremiah are," said the show's executive producer, Jane Van Deuren. "It's a renovation show, it's a home-edit show, it's a DIY show — it's all of those things together."

Berkus and Brent say personalization is something they hope to see more of in the future of design. "It's not about how beautiful it is, but how personal it is, and how much it reflects the people in the home," Brent said.

The show premieres at 8 p.m. Twin Cities time on HGTV and streaming on discovery+.