We married in December 1977 & combined families.  He had 2 daughters ages 16 & 15 and I had a daughter 5 & son 15 months. Bob adopted my two children because not only did he love them he wanted to make sure they were part of the whole family. He was a loving and generous dad & an especially loving, kind & gentle husband. He loved our time at the lake, pulling kids on tubes or skis, swimming or floating, it didn't matter he was all in! 

Bob had two successful careers in his life. He worked in the bowling industry for 30 years became an avid bowler & forged many great friendships that lasted through all the years. Our yougest daughter had a friend go bowling with her & the friend told this story that she noticed a man eating all the ketchup packets & she told Bob. Bob looked over and then told the little friend - well that is because he is hungry & then he quietly ordered food for the man. 

His later career took him into real estate where he sold new construction homes. His success was due to his patience, knowledge & guidence. He retired from real estate when the economy took a turn. He reconnected with old friends from his old car club days (The Road Knights) & sang in the senior choir the Velvetones. 

But best of all he was there with the biggest hugs & kisses for me everytime I came home. When I called him his ringtone was "My Girl"  when he called me it was "Hell-o Baby this is the Big Bopper speaking" from "Chantilly Lace". He fought to stay with us but in the end Heaven won. His last days were not easy and he never complained. We had to let him go home to God on 11-13-13. He was really one of he good ones and we miss him but so very lucky to have loved him for 36 years. Our children have married and we have 8 beautiful grandchildren to cherish. "It's a Wonderful Life"!  His funeral was packed because everybody loved Bob. Me especially. RIP my Big Bopper!  He loved deeply & cherished & nurtured his friendships.