For once, the Roy Wilkins Auditorium’s notoriously cavernous acoustics weren’t a factor Friday night. Loud is loud, and -- as is detailed in the full review -- My Bloody Valentine’s 90-minute set was ungodly loud.

Most of the fans on hand for the band's first local gig in 21 years wore the earplugs handed out at the entrance – and woe to those who didn’t – so any echo bouncing off the empty, curtained-off balcony would have been lost on them anyway. But this wasn’t really a concert meant to be heard, but rather felt.

It also wasn’t a concert where people were singing along – fans didn’t even show any sign of mouthing lyrics in the best-known songs “Only Shallow” and “Soon” – so the set list was hard to compile. But I think this is close:

Sometimes / I Only Said / When You Sleep / New You / You Never Should / Honey Power / Cigarette in Your Bed / Only Tomorrow  /  Come in Alone  /  Only Shallow / Nothing Much to Lose Who Sees You  /  To Here Knows When  /  Wonder 2  /  Soon  /  Feed Me With Your Kiss /  You Made Me Realise