Missed connection

The last time Kermit and company lifted the curtain it was for "The Muppets," ABC's short-lived mockumentary series that took a lot of chances. Maybe too many. "Muppets Now" plays it safe, relying heavily on repetitive sketches in which the Swedish Chef squares off against celebrities in the kitchen and Miss Piggy recruits Taye Diggs to help out with lifestyle advice. You may not see the characters' strings, but you'll spot the jokes a mile away.

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Stupid human tricks

The five contestants on "Taskmaster" may not fare well on "The Amazing Race," but they do a smashing good job of creating ventriloquist dummies and peeling bananas with their feet in this absurdist game show where the most prestigious prize is getting the biggest laughs. Host Greg Davies makes Simon Cowell look like Mr. Sunshine.

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Across the border

Grand Rapids native Christina Clusiau and her partner Shaul Schwarz dedicated a lot of time and travel to "Immigration Nation," a docuseries that attempts to address a hot-button issue from various viewpoints, including those of ICE agents and the recently deported. The directors' hearts are clearly with the undocumented, but the project is most fascinating when the filmmakers tag along with government officials, who range from gung-ho hunters to the morally conflicted.

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Going down the drain

Three Republican congressmen are the primary focus of "The Swamp," an in-depth look at how politicians claim they want to change the game, but end up playing by the same old rules. Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Trump loyalist who was recently accused of violating ethics rules, is one of the featured players. The film will do little to make you feel more optimistic about the future of Washington, D.C.

8 p.m. Tuesday, HBO

Sentimental journey

The Australian series "Upright" is being compared to "Fleabag" because it shares some of the same acerbic wit. But it's really more like one of those on-the-road movies in which spending time in a car leads to a bond between an "odd couple." In this case, it's a pill-popping musician and a teenage girl, both of whom have the social skills of a dingo. Together, though, they make a formidable — and hilarious — team.

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