Nearly $2.6 billion in funding been announced for Minnesota projects since the federal government passed its sweeping infrastructure bill a year ago.

That money will go toward more than 140 road, bridge, public transit and other projects, according to a newly released fact sheet from the White House. Among the projects already announced:

  • $1.7 billion for road projects and $130 million for bridges over the next year.
  • $117 million for clean drinking water projects such as lead pipe replacement.
  • $166 million to improve public transportation options.
  • $24.6 million to build out a network of electric vehicle chargers across the state.

White House estimates show that Minnesota is projected to get $4.5 billion for highways, $302 million for bridges and more than $818 million for public transportation over five years. The state is also projected to get $680 million for water projects.

Over that that timespan, Minnesota lawmakers must match that federal money with up to $1 billion in state funds.

Legislators left the Capitol in May without striking a deal on a bonding package and a state match for the first round of funds, but that could be up for debate when the new session convenes in January. Democrats will have narrow control of both the House and Senate.