Frequent doubts about the sanity of Hollywood may be allayed somewhat by this: there will be no Rambo 5. Stallone says:

Disneyworld? I don't know - Rambo IV was pretty good, as Rambosity goes; better than 2 or 3. For that matter "Rocky," the last in the series, was better-than-average Stallone fare, and both seemed a fitting goodbye to the character, especially since Rocky died trying to save the Enterprise from the velociraptors, or something like that. Details don't matter with sequels sometimes.

More non-sequel news: Ben Stiller, like the "Anchorman" producer, drops some stunning news on his Twitter feed:

So no Zoolander sequel. Well, at least we have "The Hobbit "to look forward to, right? Uh oh: Ian McKellen says it's not off the ground yet. As far as he knows, anyway:

Is there no hope? Well, a "G.I Joe" sequel is possible, but not definite.

No matter what you think, that might be good news.