Today's the day the hotly hyped, hazily conceived all-star record by Gayngs sees the light of day. Titled "Relayted," the album features 23 musicians (many of Minnesota/Wisconsin indie notoriety) and 11 songs (all set to the slow-grooving rhythm of 69 beats-per-minute). If there's such thing as experimental soft-rock, this is it. One of the best tracks is a remake of ethereal British dance duo Godley & Creme's '80s hit "Cry," and the Gayngs team went so far as to copy the song's original black-and-white video for its own version. You can see the Gayngs update below, and click here to see the original. In the Gayngs version, you'll see a lot of the familiar faces that make up the project, including Adam Hurlbert and Zach Coulter of Solid Gold, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), P.O.S., Dessa, Maggie Morrison (Lookbook), members of Megafaun, plus some extras you might recognize (especially you Doomtree fans). The originator Kevin Godley also makes a cameo in it (he's the old guy).

Gearing up for the pair of "Last Prom on Earth" concerts happening Friday at First Avenue, the project's ringleader Ryan Olson (Digitata, Building Better Bombs) let me in on a couple big indie stars who also came close to having their names attached to the project. This is an outtake from a full Gayngs story running Thursday in and in Friday's Star Tribune. Said Olson:

"Justin really wanted to have Annie [Clark] from St. Vincent on the album. I guess she did actually record a part, too, but she never sent it to us. We waited for that up to December. We were also waiting for Daniel [Rossen] from Grizzly Bear to do a part on 'Spanish Platinum.' I talked to him when he was here, and he said he was into it.Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent were on tour together, so I think they sort of freaked out together and didn't know what they were getting into. And I don't blame them. It might've [messed] up the vibe, too, and would've been more like, 'Look at all these cool people we got on this record!' That's not what this was about."